About Knit Together Initiative

KTI is an advocacy and campaign organization that works to empower young people, to build resilience, determination in themselves and the society. As a non-profit organization, KTI promotes the well-being of all with no regard for social class. KTI is a youth-led, youth-focused organization registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, Nigeria (CAC/IT/NO 102523). Inspired by the challenges and opportunities in the Niger Delta region, and in Nigeria – in Health, Environment, Youth Entrepreneurship and Education, KTI is building a strong network of individuals and communities in the region to promote, lead and/or support the implementation of the sustainable development goals and other internationally agreed conventions that promote health, rights & well-being of all persons.

KTI envisions a society where individuals mutually support each other and live life together as friends and confidants by extending knowledge, empowerment, justice and dignity in the lives of individuals.

To extend knowledge, empowerment, justice and dignity in the lives of individuals, helping them build resilience, and determination in themselves and the society.

Health and Well-being: Promote access to sexual reproductive healthcare services and supplies with focus on adolescents and youth
Quality Education Implement, advocate for and support initiatives aimed at ensuring inclusive, equitable quality education for all and life-long learning
Youth Entrepreneurship: Bring development strategies to the field of youth entrepreneurship, through innovative approaches to building lifelong skills and strong economy